ECO ZAPEL chimneys

ZPE ZAPEL SA is a manufacturer of chimney systems since 1998.

The system construction is based on components supplied by renowned European and national companies, certified by an independent TAZUS institute and high quality confirmed 30-year warranty.

We offer three types of chimney systems:

·         ZAPEL ECO S - designed to cooperate with heating devices for solid and dry fuels,

·         ZAPEL ECO M - designed to cooperate with heating devices for solid and wet fuels,

·         ZAPEL TURBO SPSK - air-fumes, designed for discharging fumes from boilers fuelled with closed combustion chamber

We provide packages that contain all the elements necessary to build the chimney as well as its individual components.

For more detailed information, please call us, send an e-mail or visit our website.

Phone: (17) 87 20 179                                                                                                                           



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