Start of building of porcelain insulators factory with planned production capacity of 600 tons per year.


August 1939


Firing of first batch of porcelain insulators




Nationalisation of the factory.


1951 – 1960



Development of the factory. Achieving of production capacity at the level of 2300 tons per year.

Beginning of exports to Western Europe.


1961 – 1965


Building of new department W30 with  production capacity at the level of 2300 tons per year.  Start of production of long rod insulators and post station insulators for 110kV and large size hollows for 220 kV.


1971 – 1980




Installation of the most modern machines and equipment.

Production beginning of new material  with high clay content-  C130 class.

Expanding the range of production of long rod insulators for tension to 400kV (160kN and 210kN) and hollow insulators for DFL Switchers for 110kV.


1981 – 1990


Modernisation of the production department W10 and starting of modernisation of the production department W30


June 1992



Change of the ownership - the factory becomes the Joint Stock Company and operates under the current name:

Zakłady Porcelany Elektrotechnicznej "ZAPEL" S.A.


1992 – 1994



Implementation of the quality assurance system according to ISO Standards 9000.

Receiving the quality certificate as meeting the requirements of ISO 9002:1994.


1994 – 2000


Automation, computerization, development of production range, export development.





Plant restructuring. Uprising capital group:

ZAPEL SA, Zapel Probud Sp.z o.o., Zapel Serwis Sp.z o.o.




Implementation of the environmental management system according  to ISO 14000.




100% shares  acquisition of INNOWACJA Sp.z o.o.  aluminum foundry.


2006 – 2007


Composite insulators branch establishment.


2008 – 2012


Building and  launching of Large Size Hollows Production Department, which  enables the production of ceramic ultra-high voltage hollows up to 1100kV.


In ZAPEL S.A.  there is a special place - called IZBA TRADYCJI - TRADITION CHAMBER - where is one of the first coal furnaces to firing porcelain and other equipment from that period, and many other exhibits related to the history of the company.


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