Who are we

The biggest producer in Poland

ZAPEL S.A. Company was founded in 1939 and has become the leading producer of low and high voltage insulators in Poland. We offer a wide range of products including post and suspension line insulators, post and bushing station insulators as well as post, bushing and hollow apparatus insulators.


Insulators on special orders

The insulators which are produced on special orders of individual producers of electrical apparatus and equipment play an essential role in the ZAPEL's manufacturing programme. This group of products comprises hollows for switches, lightning arresters, voltage and current transformers, voltage dividers, capacitors, high voltage fuses, cable terminals and the like.


With or without flanges

Our company is prepared for immediate commencement of production of new products according to customer's specifications. The products can be supplied in the form of assembled insulators (ceramic parts with metal fittings and other elements as bolts, spark gaps and the like) and in form of ceramic parts only.


Operational reliability

High operational reliability, which is characterized by obtaining and maintenance of required parameters mainly with respect to mechanical and electrical strength, resistance to influence of environmental hazards (atmospheric effect, pollution), is assured by using of proper design system, high quality raw materials, semi-finished products as well as the top modern machines, equipment and production process.


Domestic, foreign and international standards

Insulators are standardized products meeting requirements of domestic, foreign and international standards. It allows them to be widely used as insulating and construction elements in electrical power networks and switching stations as well as for building electrical apparatus and equipment.



We aim to permanently improve our products and extend our offer in order to meet the needs of our customers as far as possible in respect of the quality, reliability and innovativeness of our insulators. We will carry out this task together with our customers and organizations of the power supply industry making use of our many-years' experience and knowledge of insulator manufacturing.

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