Quality - guarantee of success

From the very beginning of the Company is attached great importance to issues related with quality. Initially it focused on product quality, later principle expanded on all areas of activity of the Company.

In 1992 has been developed and implemented a Quality Management System. The culmination of these actions was obtaining a certificate of compliance System ISO 9002 issued by SGS-Yarsley. In 1995 the scope was extended of the design and obtained a certificate of compliance with ISO 9001: 1994. Since then, the Quality Management System is continuously improved as evidenced by the further extension of the validity of the certificate issued after a regular recertification audits.

Integrated management system

In 2001, has been implemented an Environmental Management System that has been certified for compliance with ISO 14001: 1996.

Large-scale recycling of the decommissioned insulators has launched and has brought tangible results for the Company and the environment.

Continuously improved integrated Quality Management System and Environmental Management System is a guarantee of continuous development of the Company and maintaining a significant role in the global market of the manufacturers of electrical insulators. Evidence of this are the numerous awards and distinctions.

Cooperation with external units

Constantly improves quality of products is result of many years of cooperation with external scientific institutions and research centres. These include the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow and Rzeszow University of Technology. Through this collaboration has been repeatedly managed to overcome the limitations in the extension of the possibility of offering top quality products and modern solutions.

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