The Ignacy Łukasiewicz Economic Award

Tuesday, 23-11-2021

ZPE ZAPEL S.A. was awarded the Economic Award of Ignacy Łukasiewicz by the Science and Economy Foundation during the conference "Talks about the economy" on November 19-21, 2021, attended by Mr. Marek Kuchciński, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Seym of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Michał Cieślak Minister, Member of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Piotr Patkowski, Deputy Minister of Finance and Mr. Władysław Ortyl, Marshal of the Podkarpackie Province.

"Talks about the Economy" is a unique event that brings together representatives of central and regional administration, as well as the world of entrepreneurs and science, in a discussion on the economic achievements and challenges of Poland and the Subcarpathian Region. The subject of the conference were current and future activities aimed at improving the functioning of the economic environment for small and big businesses.


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